Discover concepts for your story in 3 steps

Discover concepts for your story in 3 steps

How can you write stories? What is the way to do it? Reading this topic, you will learn how to discover concepts to write your story. And to achieve this, you have to take into account the following steps:

  1. Ask yourself questions.
  2. Describe what matters to your character. (The main action)
  3. Put obstacles and conflicts.

1. Ask questions and answers

The man to create needs to wonder. Without question, there is no progress, no science, no technology. The same thing happens when you create a story.

The way I think I create my stories is based first on the creation of characters. Because what makes a story good are its characters. Yes, interesting, you will get appealing environments and situations. And this happens when you put your character to the test.

  1. Does your character have scars? These can be both physical and emotional. All who have and you can see yours or other’s people to unleash your imagination.
  2. What does your character fear? The fears are usually the secret weapon of the characters. If you articulate your fears and desires well, the reader will experience more mysteries and engage the audience.
  3. How your character can die? His or her death can be both physically and mentally. It refers to emotional death, whether professional or personal. But it also refers to physical death.

As more and more questions show up, the story easier begins to take shape.

2. Describe what matters to your character. (The main action)

When you have a desire to achieve something, you have a desire to achieve a goal, everything is clearer, both for you as a writer and for the audience. The motivations for both you and the character are important to have a way to go.

What does your character care? What do you want him/her to decipher? What will you discover that you do not know yet? The theme is what is usually the most important revelation in a story, what your character will face or what will learn. My advice is to start with a theme before writing your plot since the theme can be very useful for its development. For example friendship, fear, greed. Or it may be more specific: Family values, the peril of egoism, the realization of the meaning of life, the pursuit of fame, the acceptance of death. This last one is the theme that I chose for LIVE FOREVER. Sarah, the main character, can not accept the death after losing her mother to cause. And the story centers on finding a way not to lose another loved one. And she succeeds, but with serious consequences.

3. Put obstacles and conflicts.

Obstacles and conflicts are our jobs here. We have to challenge our characters by the audience’s fascination to see how our characters overcome their difficult times; this is always inspiring for all people.

Make a list of all possible obstacles that your character or characters may have. The more challenging and impossible this could be, the more interesting it will be to see how they solve it. So sorry to tell you, but this is your job. Make life difficult for your characters, and solve their problems. Get them to act on their head surrounded by struggles and watch their reactions; it’s a lot of fun.

In the case of my story LIVE FOREVER, I wondered how did Sarah get the way for people not to die? I interviewed a doctor to make this credible in a fictional story. And hey it became fascinating. The truth I can not wait for you to read the story, but hey, be patience. I do not want to spoil you the plot.


I am working on a course to create comics, and this is only a small sample of its content. It will take me a few months to do so. Because there are more ways to conceive story concepts and more exercises that can be both fun and effective. So please hold on.

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  • Emmanuel

    Gracias por los consejos Raul!! mucho exito en tu comic 😀

  • Nico Vaschetto

    Qué buen blog Raúl! Me encantó.
    Durante las noches cuando no puedo dormir termino creando una nueva historia. Son excelentes estos métodos para poder enriquecer a los personajes.

  • Hykert

    Excelente consejo…De verdad algunos tips ya los habia aplicado para mi historia pero de manera inconciente, es bueno saber que estaba por el buen camino. Saludos! (PD: No uelo escribir comentarios pero aqui se siente como mas personal el trato)

  • Valentina Maurizi

    Nunca se me hubiera ocurrido que para crear historias tendría que hacerme preguntas. Muchísimas gracias, Raúl, por compartir tu trabajo y dar buenos consejos.
    Espero pronto poder disfrutar de tu comic LIVE FOREVER.

  • Anykinomoto

    Ahora mi historia con estas preguntas me parece que podría ser menos plana…y se acaba de abrir un abanico de posibilidades.
    Muchas gracias por el articulo me ayudo mucho.

    estoy ansioso por leer Live Forever.

  • Anto-NYA

    Muchas gracias por el consejo, creo me sera de mucha utilidad :3

  • Erick

    Gracias por el aporte Raúl.
    Te admiro, y agradezco cada valioso consejo que me motiva a seguir esforzándome como ilustrador.
    😀 ¡Eres genial!

  • Maricela

    muchas gracias estoy comprendiendo mejor
    suerte con tu comic y muchos ánimos 🙂

  • Karlos F.

    Bastante interesante, en la pequeñas historias que he hecho tal vez no he aplicado esto conscientemente ó tal cual, pero probablemente en esencia, pero ahora creo que podre aplicarlo mejor y enriquecer mas las subsecuentes que haga.

    Gracias y Saludos…