Fear of change?

Have you ever felt afraid of change? There are things in life that we get used to and that we get so used to them that it’s difficult to accept change. But in my opinion, everything lies in traditions, trends and comfort zones.

And one of those changes is my new logo, which for lack of time hadn’t given me the task of working on it to make it something more authentic.

I remember once when I glued my logo on one of my mailing envelopes from my store, my wife Mio told me that it looked like an envelope with some threatening content because the thunder reminds electricity and in my country some ignorant people is working in the postal office who can have an adverse reaction on this. So I opted to remove the lightning bolt and put the Tinkers of the Wasteland‘s logo which I never felt fully identified.

Thunder for me has a lot of meaning because it reminds me that time passes quickly and if I let it go, I’ll miss the opportunity to create.

So I felt identified with the concept but only thunder, it comes to be like many others, and all this made me uneasy. The lightning bolts you see here are those you can commonly find, and I took one of them, but I made some modifications, which ar the moment made me feel satisfied.

I asked to design my logo.

And being focused on the production of my new comic LIVE FOREVER, I asked a friend of mine that has a design agency, to make me a new logo, and here it’s:

Logo Trevinoart
Trevino Art Logo

I’m doing this because I like to share with you what I do, my experiences, evolutions, and way of thinking. I really don’t expect this to appeal to everyone, but at least I like it, and I’m more satisfied with it.

However, the lightning bolt I made on its own, I can still use it for some campaigns that convey this concept of seizing the time to create.


So don’t fear for a change, these make us better. As you’ll see, I tended more towards the side that had more meaning for me, one that resonated with me and for that reason made me make a decision, which I can keep it or change for another one in the future. Evolution and change always. =)

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  • Daniel

    Hola, je me sentí curioso leer que el rayo le pareció algo peligrosos y optar por el logo de Los Nómadas que a decir verdad toma más el carácter clásico de peligro por la calaverita y los huesos, pero entiendo el punto.
    Sí, el cambio puede llegar a ser el peor enemigo de muchos -fue mi caso-, a mi no ha terminado de agradarme pero sé que no es realmente malo y que puede llevar a algo mejor, aplica en un sin fin de contextos en la vida y es muy importante tenerlo siempre en mente.

    ¡Me gusta el nuevo logo! también había sentido que al rayo le faltaba algo, pero asumí que por ser tu con el simple hecho de verlo la noción de ti llegaba a quién lo viera, más aun por el significado del cambio.