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As an illustrator and artist, we not only have the purpose of expressing ourselves but of finding something that every creator wants: a style. And this is a mix of the things you like, so you are about to discover one of the most efficient ways to get it.

And as this is something people ask me a lot, doing research I found a fascinating article on a page called And I gave myself the task of simplifying this exercise as much as I could for you. But if you want to review the original article by Christopher Kerry, which is much more detailed, you can also do it since it’s great.

I’ll start by explaining what you have to do to get your style. In addition to practicing every day, it is a matter of asking yourself these questions:

  • Why do I like what I see?
  • Why do I like this artist?
  • How can I implement these elements in my work without being a copy?

To have a style is to find the magnet of your personal passion.

So having a style is a mix of the heap of things you love, but you’ve never wondered why. And an exercise you can do to get it faster is next:


Choose three artists that fascinate you. Those that resonate with you in excess and you make you aroused emotions like fun, fright, inspiration, surprise, etcetera. The key is that these artists have to be different from each other, in style and technique. For example, a cartoonist, a painter and a sculptor.


Now choose their BEST image, the one you would hang on your wall, or you would buy if you have the money. Open the three images on your computer or print them and paste them in front of you.


The following is the most important part:

• Ask yourself WHAT is it that you like about this image?

• Then analyze WHY you like this drawing: Is it the way he/she draws small details? Some elements? Is it the composition? The technique? The theme? The concepts? Take notes!

• Now ask yourself HOW to use this features you particularly like in your work and try to adopt that but reinterpret it. One way to do this is to make the opposite of the original concept. For example, you like how this creator draws humanized animals doing ordinary activities, let’s say a cat is having breakfast. But you like dinosaurs, so maybe you can make dinosaurs practicing extreme sports. Reinterpret things that resonate with you.

But asking yourself questions and responding to yourself is the only way to find your way. And write not only “I like the way this artist draws hands.” Also write WHY. Do not limit your writing and write as much as you can. It is to analyze. Believe me; this is the only way.


Make a new illustration after this analysis by mixing those elements that you have extracted from these images. Make the drawing based on the theme you are most passionate about, for example, adventure, romance, mystery, persecution, achievement, and so on. And now mix those new elements you found with the current features that you already know and like or you use to do. Try to do it for a couple of weeks, and I’m sure you will get something interesting.

There is no mistake in doing this; the only error would be not to perform this exercise. Do not feel guilty or stress. This exercise is very valid and will help you a lot in your development.

So you can repeat this exercise as many times as you want, how about monthly? Every day we discover new artists and connects with new expressions, so do not hesitate to re-explore it because only one thing will happen: You will find things you didn’t know could do, and you would get a style more quickly.

Creativity and a style of its own are to mix elements found elsewhere and combine them in ways that no one else would have thought.

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  • Christopher kerry

    Love the way you’ve simplified this and put it into practice. Awesome work 🙂

    • Raúl Treviño

      Glad to see you around here Christopher. What an honor! Thanks for your amazing post!