How can we develop a dramatic character?

How can we develop a dramatic character? It is driven by strong emotions, such as fear, courage, compassion and love and stimulate them with different situations is the way to develop them.

When we see or read a story, not only do they tell us events, but we experience them through the characters, and if they are well developed, we share their feelings, that is: they make us feel them.

Although the course in which I’m working will be more detailed and will go much deeper than the articles I have shared, I’ll give you an exercise that works well for the creation of a dramatic character.

You have to explore causes and effects of anger and pretend that your character is writing the following:

I’m very angry because… (the character has to write what he or she feels through you).

And divide it into three times, the past the present and the future. What has happened to him, what happens to him and what will happen to him to live some misfortune or not to achieve his goal? You have to explore as much as you can, and this is one of the many ways to do it, so you know it better.

This is just a part of this exercise, I will guide you deeper as the course is ready.

In my comic LIVE FOREVER, what I did with Sarah in this scene, was to feel the pain of Sarah and her little brother. As they both lost their mother, I sympathized and visualized the scene by closing my eyes to convey this emotion to the reader. I captured the support that Sarah is willing to give to her little brother Aaron as she runs to him to hug him.

Live Forever

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