How to organize my project?

How to organize a project?

How to organize the project of a comic book? I really don’t know if the way I do it is right or the best, but want to share how I do it. Whether you do the same thing or else, it can help you organize your projects your way using the tools at your fingertips. From pencil to paper.

In my case, I use an application called Things. But if you don’t have the possibility to get it I want to give you a list of tasks that you can download and print. You can extend it as much as you please.

In fact, Things is one of the applications I recommend in my eBook: “My 7 Tools To Help You Writing”. You can get this eBook for free if you are not subscribed to my mailing list by filling out the form below. But if you already have it, you will remember that I also recommended a program called Wunderlist that is free. The important thing here is to write down all the tasks that you have to do, no matter where or how.

What you’ll see below is just a part of the list of things I’ve done for my comic LIVE FOREVER. And if you have this application I’ll give you some tips that work for me a lot.


Using Tags helps you categorize tasks into a project. For example, here you can see which tasks are related to artwork, media, video, marketing or writing.

And when I go through priorities, I select the label or the department in which I have to work on, for example: “Writing“.

As you can see, it only shows me the tasks related to that tag. Very convenient! And you can set deadlines as well.

Quick Entry

This mode I really like because sometimes I’m working and remember to do something later, so I click on Control + Spacebar, type what have to do and it’s done. I keep working.

This function is also perfect for when I’m browsing, and I want to save a link related to the project I’m working on since I attach the page link by typing Control + Alt + Spacebar.

Siri (Mac)

And if you have MAC another great thing is SIRI. Saying “Hey Siri, remind me to send an email to my editor” and Siri records it in reminders and then passes it to Things. Awesome!

As I mentioned before in my book, I really like Things because it’s very minimalist and practical. There are others that are more elaborate and with other functions that this doesn’t have. But it’s a matter of doing research and choosing the best for you. You have to buy the Desktop version and the version for Smartphone. Being an investment of at least 60 Dollars. But it’s worth it because it also has its own cloud to record your tasks and synchronize them to all your devices.

Next UP!

In the next article, I’ll tell you how much progress I’ve done on my comic, and I’ll show you some progress.

Don’t hesitate to share this information on your social networks; you never know who you can help. The links are below.

And get my free of my eBook “My 7 Tools To Help You Writing” by subscribing to my mailing list. I will also notify you when I post a new article sneak peeks of my comic LIVE FOREVER and value content so that you improve your skills faster.

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  • Óscar Rincón

    Me encanta!! Yo uso trello para programar mis deberes y oneNote para trabajar el contenido. Oye sería genial saber cómo comienzas un proyecto, en mi primer proyecto estoy empezando por dibujar un piloto (como en las series de tv) pero no sé si es prudente, y en cuanto al guión no sé como redactarlo, debo anotar el texto de cada globo? O escribirlo de corrido, y luego acomodar los diálogos? Esto me tiene un poco estancado ya que escribo ideas y escenas pero cómo recopilo toda la información?

    Gracias!! Y admiro tu trabajo, sería genial trabajar contigo.

  • Karlos F.

    Caray… vaya que no es lo mismo hacer algo por hobby que de manera profesional y coincido contigo, organizarse es prioritario.

    ¡Buen artículo! Saludos…

  • Fer CaVa

    Gracias <3 usaré la primera para estudiar para el examen de admisión universitaria :'v

  • MargGram

    simplemente genial raul

  • Rita

    Thank you for sharing such useful information!!!

  • Ninfa

    Gracias por compartir este tema! es de gran ayuda.