How to overcome the shame of drawing in front of others?

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Who hasn’t felt embarrassed if someone is seeing us drawing? How about being embarrassed when other people see our drawings? Even on the internet. Not all of them happen to you, but I can tell you what happened to me. I felt ashamed for drawing in front of someone else.

This happens because you don’t believe in what you’re doing. Either because of bias or because you don’t think you’re good at drawing. But you know what?

You as the creator have the opportunity to:

  • Develop a profession.
  • Communicate an idea.
  • Arouse an emotion.
  • Offer value to the world.
  • Teach what you know and
  • Inspire others.

Set aside your negative thoughts and best transform them into positives at the time of creation. It will benefit you much more.

But how to do it?

It’s very simple. Instead of concentrating your thoughts on your insecurities, you better direct your mind to the drawing experience. You have to live the process and enjoy it.

Instead of having negative thoughts, you better see:

  • How your stroke is taking shape.
  • How you apply the technique.
  • How the paper absorbs the ink.
  • What is the message you want to convey
  • Or the need to express yourself.

These are positive thoughts that help you create while you’re doing it.

Pay attention to this, when you have insecurities you think of two people:

  1. The professionals. Those who have more experience than you and you feel minimized.
  2. And the regular people.

So let’s analyze it.

If you have insecurities that a professional is going to laugh at you, let me tell you that you are wrong. In you, a professional sees a younger version of themselves. And they will have more the intention to help you than to harm you. So they’re on your side. Which means, you should not have to be unsure if they see you drawing or see your drawings. And if they are arrogant, then they have to work on their professional ethics, and then who have a problem are them not you.

And if you have insecurities of what ordinary people think, you’re also very wrong. There are those who encourage you, support you and give your options in a constructive way. But there are others who criticize you with deceit. That is, with bad intentions. And for this you have to think that we as creators have an advantage over this kind of people: we create, they don’t. It depends on the case, and this doesn’t mean that we are better than others, but yes, we go one step ahead of them.

Talent gives you the power to create and develop it is your responsibility.

This is reason enough to be sure of what you’re doing. Creator has the power, not the one who criticizes. Criticizing is very simple, creating not. And for this, we already have a great merit. If you remember this while you do it, you’ll enjoy more what you’re doing.

So, you don’t have to feel insecure about these two people because one will want to help you and the other even want to criticize and destroy you, they don’t know how to create.

I will repeat it again because it is crucial:

The creators have the power, not the critic.

Don’t focus on your insecurities, concentrate on the experience of creating. The creator has the ability to improve his/her skills and offer the world content of value.

If you start doing this, you will begin to lose the fear of drawing in front of others. This is something that you can apply not only in front of others but to overcome the embarrassment of publishing your drawings on the internet and that others see them.

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  • Ezra bryan

    Que bueno consejos, justo lo que necesitaba estos dias

  • Karlos F.

    Tienes mucha razón, sin embargo en mi caso mi reticencia por dibujar mientras otros me ven es más por que siento una “invasión” a mi “espacio personal” que por otra cosa, tan es así que tampoco me gusta leer o ver mi cel en espacios concurridos, tengo un poco de aversión a los “shoulder surfers” , pero creo que al final también tiene que ver con lo que expones…

    En fin, que tendremos que hacer algo al respecto.