My mind is saturated, I can not create.

Maybe it has happened to you that you have many ideas in your head or a lot of information that you have consumed that makes it tough for you to sit down and create something.

So this topic is for you if…

  • You feel overwhelmed and can not create.
  • You haven’t come up with any ideas for days, and it frustrated you.
  • For now, you’re fine, but you want to know what to do when this happens to you.

You should be aware that this happens to us all. But you should not let yourself be involved in this crisis and stay without doing anything or seek solutions. It’s not to pressure you, but beginners expect to be inspired or motivated to start working.

A professional must be inspired, motivated and focused every day at 8:00 am.

And this happens because we have to work on our projects, because these make us feel excited, or because we have to meet deadlines. We have no other option because many things depend on it, from our authorial expression to our monthly income. So setting deadlines to your projects is a must.

And perhaps you will think that you would like to be like that author who draws daily or like that prolific writer with awards under the arm that makes you wonder: What are their secrets to creating so much? Or you’ve browsed for more than an hour in Google Images or Pinterest to find the topic you want to draw or write, but you’re already fed up with ideas and images. You have reached the point of overwhelming yourself so much that you no longer know what you want to create.

Waiting for your mind to be clear is not the way to solve it. You’ve even waited days, weeks and even months to make your thoughts clearer and you can not get over it. I must tell you that you are leaving all the work to your mind and your production will decay, and you will not create with efficiency as you would like.

But something I assure you will help you is to change your heartbeat. Perform an activity such as fast walking, jogging or running. Do some cardiovascular cycles where you walk and run for moments. Or just go for a walk in the park of your neighbourhood and return to your room. Do it! It is scientifically proven that doing exercises, activates more your mind, and your body is oxygenated. In case you can not go out to take a walk, do fifty squats, a few pushups and crunches. Exercise for at least twenty minutes. But beware, do not start with very intense exercises like running a marathon, you should see the doctor first, so you know if you are ready to do it. I’m almost sure that after exercising, you will begin to have more clarity on what you want to do, and this will help you once you return to your workplace. You come, close your eyes and begin to visualize that idea, in particular, that concept you want to convey. Is not that clear? Do the following:

1. Write and type out everything from your mind, do not keep anything. Imagine this: let’s say a project is a honeycomb, but for some reason, this honeycomb has collapsed and now all the bees, that is, your ideas, are flying everywhere. These ideas are just buzzing around, and the only way to stop that is by putting your mind in order, you need to repair that honeycomb. You know that your head is saturated and full of ideas. Now write. Believe me; it will help you a lot. Write the answers to questions like, What happens if you stop and do not produce? How do you feel now? What are your motivations to follow? What do you want to convey? What concept do you like most to express in your work? Write it! What has been your best creative moment? What did you think you liked so much? What has been the experience that marked your life? Write, write what appears in your mind. You have to catch those bees and put them back into the honeycomb so they can keep making honey. Question your motivations regarding the idea or source of inspiration you were looking. Write the elements that most caught your attention from what you saw. Ask questions focused on your emotions, because doing all this will help you empty your mind and give you clarity in your thoughts. You can not have more ideas if your head is full of them. You have to empty your mind by putting your thoughts in order. Believe me; you have to write. Because when you write the following things happen: You think more clearly, come to your head new ideas and articulate the words better when you speak. Now give priority to the most important ideas. Once you did the above, you must now catch the honeycomb queen. The most important. Then write what is most important to you. Do not think too much, take it out, write it down. You can not organize something that you can not see and to see it you have to write it.

2. Learn something new or do something mechanical. When you can not create anything new, one of the things you can do is to do automated tasks, such as organizing your computer files, fixing your room, ordering your drawings or books from your bookshelf, and so on. Do something that does not require much thinking and that allows your mind an automatic state.

3. Meditate. Look for some meditation resources if it is something that interests you. There are many applications for smartphones or for sure you will find something on the net or a book that can help you.

Do you have it all clearer? Now start creating!

Did not it turn out anything I told you? Well, this solution that I will share next is the blandest and mundane: Buy yourself a vanilla ice cream. Vanilla has the power to temporarily heal stress and anxiety as well as stimulate the brain and its functions. Do not depend so much on it because it can create addiction and you can break the diet, maybe you can change it for a vanilla tea. But if you already ingested vanilla, after a few minutes try again to create something.

Highlights & Takeaways.

  • Something you should not do is just stand and wait for your mind to fix it. Help your mind to get out of that state by performing physical activities; you have to work on it and try to get out of the situation where you are.
  • Set deadlines, a professional must be inspired, motivated and focused every day at 8:00 am.
  • Staying still is the worst thing you can do.
  • Learn something new, like a computer program that you always wanted to learn but did not find the time to do it or a new language that can give you more opportunities in the future.
  • There are more benefits to learning from the attempt to try to clear your mind than to give up trying and stand still doing nothing.

This kind of things I been putting on practice when it happens, like while doing my projects, such as Ink & Wheels among others. Even if you are not a comic creator, this could help you if you are working in other fields. I’m pretty sure 🙂

You can read the next chapter called: “Is it wrong to copy my favorite artist?”

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