MANGA Spanish • Nómadas del Yermo 3

$ 12.99


¡The trilogy is now complete!

Author: Raúl Treviño
Volume: 3 of 3
Color: B&W, color cover
Paperback: 128 pages
Website: 22.86×15.24 (9×6 inches)
Printing process: Offset
ISBN: 978-607-96623-2-5
Ages: Mature 17+
Coin: Dollars


Meteorites have reduced Earth to rubble. Now, the saga of the Tinkers is fought in an entirely post-apocalyptic world.

The Tinkers are at a crucial point in their adventure. Let’s remember: the chickens mutated after ingesting a mysterious black seed, Splitter fell into Milla’s trap of using suppositories to learn how to read, there’s a crazy, ass-kicking cannibal, an enigmatic map that still needs to be deciphered and Milla has been kidnapped by the Bumblers, a well known band of ruffians who bet on moronic games.

Volume 3 continues the adventure with a dose of action, excitement and humor that exceeds previous books and features even more disparate characters. All of them are tied to the fate of our heroes, the Tinkers who have one purpose: decipher the surreal secret of the wasteland…

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