Watching tutorials but not progress

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Watching tutorials but not progress

Today I want to help you in case you are stuck in the learning process while tutorials but without seeing progress.

This theme is for you if you are passing through the following things:

  • You see many tutorials, and you think it is enough to learn.
  • You like to gather all the information before you start something.
  • Buy materials but wait to use them when it’s time to start your project.

Maybe it happens to you that you see lots of tutorials on a particular topic and you feel you’re learning something. You may also feel you already know how to do what you have learned and being able to apply it while doing that activity. And you keep seeing more, and more tutorials. By doing it, you have to know that the real learning process hasn’t started yet. Practice and production are still at a standstill. And perhaps you think that when the time comes to put it into practice, you will be able to use everything you have learned. I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re wrong.

Has it happened that you bought the tools that a professional and you feel that you already gave that big step?

You may feel that you already have the tools that will make your project a masterpiece. Keep watching many tutorials, reading books and feel that you are already half way to get it. And you keep doing more research on how to do it, but, you do not start.

The big step is when you start with your project and overcome the obstacles in the production process.

You have to realize that the best way to learn is by doing, even without needing to see tutorials.

So do not overwhelm with lots of information or you will not know where to start.

What I suggest you is:

  1. Choose the theme you most want to learn. (Basing on priorities).
  2. Look at the tutorial and make notes.
  3. Then put into practice what you have learned.

Then let it breathe and try to do it without needing to see the tutorial, and in case you get stuck, consult it. I assure you that you will learn more deeply.

Some people have asked me to make some CLIP STUDIO PAINT tutorials (before called Manga Studio). But unfortunately, I do not have the time to do it for the moment. But I must mention that I do not have much time using this program. Want to know how I learned to use it? I opened the program and started playing with it. I have not seen a single tutorial, just documentation on how to set up additional materials that come with it, (such as halftones, brushes and other things). Since I started to experiment and explore the software, I realize that this program is easy to use. It is very intuitive. This method is what you can do with anything else. Do not wait until someone does a tutorial to learn something. If you do not find the way to do something, do not waste time and start with it. Just start. That’s the best way to learn.

Final thoughts

  • The tutorials are there to help, but just seeing them does not mean
    you’ll know how to do it.
  • Take notes and quickly practice what you have learned.
  • Let it breathe, and do it again with a fresh mind the next day.
  • Grab the tool of preference and start to have fun, experiment and explore.
    Do you have doubts? Look for information but come back and apply what you have learned.
  • The first step is to start, not just acquire the tools to do it.

If you put these tips into practice, I am sure you have begun to see more satisfactory results.

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