Why do I write this story?

Do you know why you do what you do? Today I will tell you the motivation behind my new comic LIVE FOREVER, and I’ll tell you why I am writing this story.

One of the themes I’ve always wanted to deal with in a comic is the acceptance of death, and this is the main theme of the story. You’ll see Sarah, the main character, facing this reality by losing her mother because to cancer. Because she’s determined to never lose another loved one, she gets the substance of eternal life in an interesting way, which involves her in many problems.

Life itself is my source of inspiration, I have a connection with all my stories. And death is something that has always got my attention, but in a more psychological sense: the attachment we feel towards a loved one and life itself. I have experienced several losses in my family, and this story connects me emotionally with these experiences. So you’ll see Sarah grapple with the guts and courage to get ahead of this experience but with a touch of fantasy and adventure.

That is why it’s important that everything you do have a strong emotional connection so you can finish what you start. 

Well, I do not like just telling stories that entertain. I like to make stories that allow me to dialogue with my readers, that is, with you.

I hope you enjoy this story and its production.

I plan to publish it in July this year, but the project is still taking shape so stay tuned for the news. And if you already subscribed to my mailing list, you will get sneak peeks, behind the scenes and topics of interest. And if you like my project, please share it.

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  • Javier

    Muy buen tip, gracias lo tendré en cuenta cuando empiece una historia, saludos.

  • Maya Tutuy Morales

    Muy buenos consejos 😀 gracias por compartirlos

  • Karlos F.

    Gracias Rulo, todas estas cosas que nos compartes hacen que apreciemos mucho mas tu trabajo y como dices, crean una conexión más profunda.


  • Alejandro Grisales Noratl

    Raul tengo una pregunt personal que hacer, donde me puedo comunicar contigo?

  • luis

    Ahora me encuentro preparadandome para un examen para entrar a la universidad y este vídeo me hizo reflexionar del como estoy siguiendo mi sueño y espero cumplirlo. Buen vídeo!!!!