Raúl Treviño


Hi, I’m Raul Trevino, a comic book writer, and illustrator based in Chiba, Japan. I’ve been making comics for the last 15 years, and you will find in my work, one or all of the next ingredients: fun, dynamism and a touch of life. But my specialty is to create fun worlds full of adventure. Why do I make comics? It’s my way to express my feelings to dialogue with you, the reader!

My motivation is to express myself through comics, and my goal is to dialogue with you through my stories.

What I have done

Well, let me give you a little more of my background. I worked as a colorist for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and some other European publishers such as Humanoids, Glenat and Norma Editorial. And I won several national and international awards and nominations:

  • In 2003, I was awarded 1st Place in the International Norma Editorial Competition (Spain) for Best Work.
  • In 2004, this editorial published my first creator-owned graphic novel called The Dance of the Conquest, an action-adventure trilogy based in a pre-Hispanic Mexico, which I got a nomination for new Fnac talent and best new author at the 9th annual Expocomic event in Spain.
  • In 2014 I awarded Best Writer for my manga Tinkers of the Wasteland which also won best graphic novel at the Butze-Vargas awards for Mexico’s best comics.

I mostly do any comic genre, and I’m always open to collaborating with writers. In fact, my last collaboration was with the writer Justin Jordan; together we worked on SOMBRA, a four issue mini-series published by BOOM! Studios. Also, I collaborated with John Stork on the webcomic Tomb Busters, and I’m currently working on my new comic LIVE FOREVER published by Webtoon as a featured artist.

Learn from me! I am living my dream of living doing what I like best: Being a comic book author. But if you draw and want to live on this too, I publish on my blog some value content to aspirants to comic authors and illustrators in general.

Would like to know the tools I use?

Here you can see all the tools I use for my work, from traditional to digital.